The Midwives


Sarah and Erin are the midwives of geneabirth.  Our office is in Saint Paul and we serve families up to one hour and fifteen minutes from our office, including the Twin Cities, surrounding suburbs and beyond and western Wisconsin. We offer waterbirth tubs and happily serve VBAC clients and clients expecting twins.  It is always an honor to be with families in childbirth.  We are honored to be invited into people’s homes and their lives and bearing witness to their power as they birth their babies and grow in confidence as mothers.

about sarah


My name is Sarah and I am a mother of five and a midwife that serves families here in the Twin Cities. I began my journey as a birth worker shortly after the birth of my first daughter in 2000. I wasn’t happy with the birth that I had at a local hospital and found out about doula’s the day after my daughter was born. I never went back to work, and instead chose to train with DONA and become a birth doula. I have been attending births as a doula for 18 years!

I started attending births and was happy to serve other families during their birth and postpartum period. I found out that I was pregnant again when my daughter was five months old, and quickly realized that the birth that I wanted wasn’t going to be found in a hospital. I switched to a homebirth and never looked back! My daughter was born peacefully at home with a midwife and doula and my family.

I maintained an amazing friendship with my midwife that eventually led to an apprenticeship after the birth of my third daughter. I believe that midwifery care should be holistic and mother led and I love that by apprenticing with a traditional midwife, I was able to learn all about continuity of care.

I took some time off to give birth to my twins (also born at home) and went back after they were well established nursers! I finished my six year apprenticeship by sitting for my NARM test and getting my CPM. I call myself a traditional midwife because I believe that midwifery isn’t medical, and that birth is not a medical event. I am there to serve women and help them to find the right sources of information that fits their needs. Every family in individual, and should be seen as such.

I nursed all five of my children, ranging from a short four months with my first, to four years with some. I think that breastfeeding is an amazing thing and I am happy to watch and help that relationship grow with each mother and her baby.

I am a midwife, doula and postpartum doula with a lot of experience caring for women and their families.


about Erin

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At the heart of my midwifery practice is a focus on relationships. I remember what I loved about my own homebirth midwifery care when I gave birth to my first child in 1999 and I strive to bring those feelings into my practice. My clients curl up with a cup of tea in my cozy office for a relaxed and generous appointment, with lots of time to build trusting a relationship and answer all your questions. I believe in honest, authentic communication and care that is individualized and collaborative and tailored to your unique situation taking into account not just the issues surrounding your health and that of your baby but also your hopes, worries and dreams.

In addition to being a traditional midwife with the Certified Professional Midwife Credential I have also been in practice as an herbalist for over ten years. I hold the Registered Herbalist credential from the American Herbalist Guild and I offer private consultations, herbal education and handmade wildcrafted herbal products to the Twin Cities community.

You can text or call me at 612-508-0584 or email Check out the website r where I write about plants and healing.