The basics

Midwifery Serivices with geneabirth costs $4500.  We offer an early payment discount of $400 (total discounted package: $4100)  if paid in full by 34 weeks.  

Not planning to pay in full by 34 weeks? The full fee is due by the last postpartum visit. 

Our package includes:
•    The services of two midwives, including 7-days a week availability by phone call, email or text
•    Comprehensive prenatal care (visits: 1 x montly until 28 weeks, every 2 weeks from 28-36 weeks, a homevisit at 34 weeks, and once weekly from 36 weeks until birth)
•    Attendance at your labor and birth
•    Use of a waterbirth tub
•    Six weeks of postpartum care including 3 homevisits
•    Newborn Metabolic Screen and Critical Congenital Heart Defect screening, if desired
•    Access to lending library
•    Breastfeeding support
•    Herbal medicine:  pregnancy tea, sitz bath, mother’s milk tea and herbal remedies suggested by Erin and Sarah.
•    Insurance: verification of benefits, submission of claims and repair of claims if necessary
•    Birth certificate and social security card filings

Methods of Payment

  • cash
  • check
  • credit or debit card

Depisit: $500 to reserve your space on our calendar due by the 2nd prenatal visit. 

other expenses

Birthkit: we will ask you to purchase a birthkit from an online birth supply vendor.  This kit is about $75 .  If you are planning on laboring or birthing in the water there is an additional fee of $45  for a birth tub liner and waterbirth accessories. 

If the cost of the birthkit is prohibitive for your family please talk to us. Generous families each year donate unused birth supplies to us and we may be able to put together a kit for you from supplies on hand.

There are several other basic supplies used to keep your home clean and you comfortable during your birth.  Many of these items you will already have in your home and the rest can be purchased at stores like Walgreen’s or Target. 

Rhogam.  RH negative women receive an injection of Rhogam after birth.  This medication is not a part of our global fee and, if needed you will be responsible for the cost of this medication.  Rhogam prices fluctuate between $75-$100

Labs and Ultrasounds: We contract with Center for Diagnostic Imaging for ultrasounds and Health Medical Laboratory for tests such as urine cultures, GBS screen, etc.  These businesses are in-network with most major insurance carriers.  Most insurance policy provide good coverage for in-network, routine or medically necessary prenatal labs and imaging.   Should you need or desire an ultrasound or any laboratory testing, you will present your insurance card to the provider and they will bill your insurance directly. Depending upon your policy, you may have a co-pay or co-insurance.  If you do not have insurance, CDI or Healtheast Labs will bill you directly for the services provided.

Other Nice Services: Childbirth education classes, doula services, birth photography, placental encapsulation, chiropractic care, pregnancy massage therapy are all nice services that you may choose to access during your pregnancy and birth.  Geneabirth fees do not cover these services and you can talk to the providers of these services about their fees and billing.  Some of these services may be covered by your insurance policy. Some providers/practitioners may offer a sliding fee scale.


83% of insured clients receive insurance reimbursment

You (or your employer) pay a lot in insurance premiums and you want to use it if at all possible for your homebirth. We get it!  As a service to the families we work with, we will assist you obtaining insurance reimbursement.  We do this billing ourselves.  Other practices use billing services that  often charge each client a registration fee to check your benefits and the biller retains a percentage of the reimbursement.  If your insurance claims submitted by geneabirth are paid, you will receive the entire amount paid by your insurance company.

Please note:  Do not plan on having insurance pay for your midwifery care. Our fee is an upfront fee, meaning you are expected to pay our full fee  or the early payment discounted fee. Any claims that are processed and paid are a reimbursement to you after the fact. It is nearly impossible to accurately predict the final amount that may be paid out by your insurance carrier.

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