The Apprentice Midwife

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It all started when…

 Hayley was  pregnant and chose us as her midwives. . Hayley shared with us her midwifery aspirations very early in our relationship. We were impressed with her initiative and felt that she shared a similar philosophy towards birth, breastfeeding and family life.    We think she’s a wonderful addition to our birth team.  She is caring, sincere, down to earth, intelligent and hard working.   Sarah and I both trained in this community through the traditional apprenticeship model and we find it so satisfying to share the practice of midwifery in this way.  Families who work with Hayley are participating in this unbroken chain of the passage of midwifery skills from woman to woman.  

I asked Hayley if she would answer some questions about herself as a way to introduce her to our community.We hope you enjoy getting to know Hayley as much a we have!


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