Postpartum Meal Planning

Whether you are having your first baby, or your fifth, planning for a smooth postpartum is essential to recovery. One of the great ways to do that is meal planning. There are a lot of ways to go about doing this, and I’m going to go over a couple of those options! We have had families follow different batch cooking plans, from 30 days of freezer meals, to 20 crockpot meals, and all of them say that choosing to follow a plan that has the grocery list of what to buy, as well as what order to cook the food in, is essential. There are countless plans online, some of which are free, and some that cost money. The sites that have a monthly cost seem to be worth the investment as they guarantee the grocery list and step by step instructions on what to cook first.

When making freezer meals, try to incorporate different ways of cooking. Having crockpot or instant pot meals, oven meals such as lasagna and casseroles, and stovetop meals like chilis, soup and stews, guarantee a good variety of foods! And don’t forget breakfast foods such as waffles, pancakes and quiches! They are easy to heat up in the toaster or oven, and batch cooking them means you have good options for the morning meal!

This families freezer is fully stocked!

This families freezer is fully stocked!

This plan will allow you to have dinner planned for almost three weeks or more depending on your family size and if they like to eat leftovers!

This shopping list might seem overwhelming, but I promise it’s manageable. And REMEMBER, you will have 30 dinners (plus maybe some leftovers?) so it’s SO SO SO worth it. This comes with the shopping list and recipes to all of the meals.

25 breakfast recipes that can go in the freezer

This website requires a paid membership. They provide a printable grocery list, the order in which you prep and label food, and the order in which you cook things for freezing. It would be ideal for a larger family size as you can customize family size for your shopping trip! It cuts down on time spent having to figure out what to cook when, and seems worth the money to me (if you sign up for one month).

Deep freezer meals!

Deep freezer meals!

Another idea for postpartum meal planning is having a meal prepping party with friends and/or family. I did this when I was pregnant with my twins. I invited about 5 or 6 people over, and everyone brought their own recipes and ingredients, and I got to spend the day hostessing while everyone cooked their food, and prepped it for the freezer. When we were done, I had meals stocked and I didn’t have to do anything. It was a great gift for an eight month pregnant lady! One of the things I remember enjoying the most was having about 50 pancakes ready and waiting to be reheated for my kids in the morning. It took a couple of hours of cooking them, and they last for a long time and were an easy go to snack.

This recipe calls for only three ingredients, which is really nice when making batch cooking. There are a lot of recipes for pancakes out there, but I find less is better. We cooked these up in coconut oil and they were delicious!

Quiche and eggbakes are the easiest thing in the world to make! I had someone bring six pie crusts and blend all of the egg/milk ingredients together and then put different ingredients into each pie crust. Meats, cheeses and veggies go down, and then pour the eggs on top and bake at 350 degrees for 45 minutes to an hour. Cool and put the entire thing into a large ziplock bag. They heat up easily and are good morning, noon and night.

Another option for postpartum meals is to have friends and family sign up to bring you a meal! There are great websites available and they make it easy to sign up, and easy for you to share if you have any food allergies or foods your family doesn’t eat.

Set out a signup sheet at your baby shower or on your facebook page. People love to help and often don’t know what to do.

Don’t forget to ask your church (if you go) about meals for postpartum families. A lot of churches offer this and it is a great resource to tap into!